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How to stop a hacker series: When to change your password

In the final part of our series to avoid getting hacked, we tell you about a tool that tells you if it’s time to change your password.

You just sent out an email to your friends with great info on the latest diet, the problem is you didn’t. So are you being spoofed or did someone hack your account?

Most of time it’s a harmless, but what if someone hacked your account, used it, compromised it, How would you know?

If you go to should I change my password dot com, you can enter your email address and in an instant, the site will report back if it appears to have been compromised.

To date, they have discover nearly 52,000,000 compromised email addresses.

Over 34,000,000 password breaches.

And they are adding about 30,000 new email addresses to the database every day, to keep the reporting accurate and up to date.

You can check an individual email address for free, or if you want to keep tabs on multiple addresses you can subscribe to the service for $10 bucks a year, for up to 10 email accounts.

So if you’re not sure if it’s time to change your password, check out should I change my password dot com.

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