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A new way to shop for glasses

When you need new glasses, you can go see Becky at the eyeglass store, or you can let replace Becky with an app.

The app is called 3D Fit from It lets you see, through augmented reality, how dozens of pairs of glasses look on a 3D model of you!

The app makes an accurate 3D model of your face, allowing you to see how you look in various styles of frames from different angles.

Here’s how it works: Using an iPad and soon Androids, you take a video of your face while rotating your head to the left and then the right. It quickly creates a 3D rendering of your face from both sides.

Now instead of going through the online catalog and guessing what’s going to look good on you, you’ll instantly see them on your face, along with the brand and price.

You can scroll through them, click on any pair to see colors and even add them to your favorites.

There are other sites, that let you virtually try on glasses, but this looks so real with reflections and drop shadows, it makes buying them foolproof.

This augmented reality app lets you shop and try-on without going anywhere, and find glasses that actually look good on you.

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