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Have your morning run with zombies

Need a little excitement to make your morning run a bit more fun?

Zombies Run!


No the app, actually, Zombies Run 2. It’ part Runkeeper, part Walking Dead and it turns your morning jog into a virtual run-for-your-life adventure.

Out of steam? Can’t bring yourself to finish that last mile? Maybe a zombie horde breathing down your neck will give you the adrenaline boost you need.

That’s the idea behind Zombies, Run! 2. This Android and iOS app gives you an immersive running game and audio adventure for your smartphone.

It works like this: Before you start your run, you launch the app, pick your mission, put on your headphones, and then you hit the road.
Along the way, the story unfolds and the Zombies have you on the run.

Each mission has goals, get supplies, rescue humans, deliver news to another base and of course stay ahead of the Zombies. It’s theater for your ears.

With 60+ missions, “Zombie Chase” interval training and the ability to run with your own music, you can have the best of both worlds, your morning workout, and saving the rest of us from being eaten.

So if you want a bit more excitement from your morning run, then run away from the Zombies.

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