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Twitter music

If you’re a music lover and you use Twitter, you’re going to love this Data Doctors Tech Tip.

Recently Twitter launched a new service called #music which uses tweets and artists’ Twitter accounts to help users discover new music.

The service uses iTunes to deliver short previews of each song along with a link to purchase, and you can also connect your Spotify or Rdio accounts to listen to the full tracks.

You can use your web browser to check out #music, at or by downloading the free Twitter #music iPhone app from the App Store.

Just like Vine, #music uses your existing Twitter accounts so there’s no lengthy registration process. Once authorized, #music looks for artists you are already following and it gives you recommendations based on your tastes in music. It’s pretty smart.

They also help you discover new stuff. The two other tabs, Popular and Emerging, list currently trending artists as well as “hidden” talent currently being Tweeted about.

Paired with Spotify and your iPhone app, it’s able to play music completely within the app.

If you have an Rdio account you can listen to the new stuff easily as well. Twitter #music has a grid-based layout that’s sharp easy to use and previews load virtually instantly.

Don’t worry Android users, there’s a #music app in the works for you too.

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