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Google text search

If you have a smartphone, the majority of your bill goes to paying for a data plan, while voice and text are usually unlimited.

Google searches are one of the most common tasks we all do on our smartphones, So if you’re looking to reduce your data consumption, you can search Google, without your browser. Did you know that you can search Google by texting?

That’s right, lets say you are looking for a Chinese restaurant near you. Simply text your request to 46645 (GOOGL). If you text Chinese Food  to 46645 in about a minute, Google will text you back a list of a few places near you.

Another great use is when you want to check flight status. Text your Airline and flight number to 46645 and it’ll text you back an update.

But wait there’s more, it can do math calculations, unit conversions, movie listings, word definitions, all for the cost of a text. Which is nothing.

You can setup your Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Voice all the same way, not one of them needs to use an ounce of data, to get the data you need.

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