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Tell a story with your iPhone

Tell a story with one tap of your iPhone. How do you do that?

We like apps that make things easier to do. Until now, putting pictures and video together was kind of a hassle.

Qwiki makes doing it easy. Qwiki automatically turns pictures and videos from events you’ve captured on your iPhone into brief, beautiful movies to share.

How’s that work? The app picks the best moments and pacing—then adds transitions and a soundtrack.

You can easily turn movies into memories, Qwiki users can rearrange, add, or remove pictures & videos, customize captions, select filters, and you can even replace the pre-selected soundtrack with a favorite song from your music library.

If you are a social user, you’ll love Qwiki. You can share your Qwikis on Facebook, Twitter, Email or text. You can even embed on your blog or web page.

If you want, you can join other Qwiki users within the app. Qwiki does the work, you and your friends get to enjoy the show.