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Xpense Tracker

As you dig into this year’s tax prep, do you find yourself a little disorganized? Behind the eight-ball with your prep?

These days many of us shudder at the thought of a paper receipt — after all that’s so last century. What if there was a single app that could do it all for you?

XpenseTracker is a comprehensive expense tracking and reporting app for anyone that needs to track their expenses & mileage.

It’s easy to use and can email or export your expense files and photo receipts right to your computer. Then import the file into Excel. What a time saver.

XpenseTracker records all of your expenses and gives you a running total. It even allows you to customize categorize.

You’ll can sort expenses by “Date”, “Category”, “Payment Type” or even “Client.”

Travel for business internationally? No sweat. XpenseTracker supports all major currencies worldwide, so each expense can be entered with the appropriate currency.

Of course, since you’re dealing with money, expenses and personal info, the app includes password protection.