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Movie theatre bathroom

Ken, I have THEE solution to an age old problem.

You know Spanky, they have a pill for that.

No! Not that! It’s when to go to the bathroom during a movie.

You ate your giant popcorn, drank the bladder buster drink and you’re squirming in the chair doing the potty dance.

But you don’t want to get up and miss the best part of the movie right? So you wait, in pain.

Or, you do what I do and check with Run-Pee.

Run-Pee is an app, that tells you when it’s safe to go. Tell it what movie you are seeing and it’ll tell you the best times to go hit the restroom.

You can even tell the app when the movie starts, and it alerts you that your potty break is coming up.

Run-Pee is available for iPhone and Android, and you can use the mobile web version on Blackberry and feature phones.

The app is $ .99, the biggest bargain at the theatre.