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Logging trip mileage

If you spend your life driving for work, the most difficult part is remembering to log your mileage for your tax deductions.

Forget to log a trip and you lose out on reimbursement. Miss a couple a month, and at the end of the year, you’re out some serious cash.

There’s an app that puts all these problems to bed, it’s called TripLog.

Download TripLog for Android or iPhone for free. The app is easy to use. It logs and tracks vehicle mileage with incredible accuracy. It uses GPS data to track the actual mileage driven, no rough estimates here.

TripLog uses IRS mileage rates for tax deductions and mileage reimbursement. It even has support for commercial truck drivers, allowing for scale data, lumpers and your per diem allowance.

The app allows you to add data and photos of your receipts to a secure cloud for storage and viewing.

Since you’ll enter your gas purchases when you fill up, the app will calculate your fuel economy as well.

The TripLog app is free, and you can get quarterly and yearly reports for 99 cents.

Now when it’s tax time, you’ve got the info you need right in the palm of your hand.