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Tracking your donations

Have you ever dropped off a bag of clothes at a charity and wondered what that bag of clothes was really worth?

If you’ve ever had a garage sale and realized that it’s an overwhelming amount of work and that donating the items to a charity would’ve been a lot easier, there’s an app for that.

When you prepare your tax return, many of us struggled to remember what we donated, who we donated it to, and when we donated it.

There’s an app for both iPhone and Android that will help you track those donations, every time you make them. It’s appropriately called, I Donated It.

iDonatedIt tracks the date you donated non-cash items to a charity, the charity you donated items to, and the fair market value of those items.

The app builds lists of the items you donate and allows you to keep a permanent record of the items you donated that meets the compliance requirements of the IRS.

You can attach a photo to your donation list to document your donation and you can e-mail the detailed donation report to yourself or to your accountant.

The “I Donated It” app, was created by a team of certified public accountants who know their stuff.