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Moves App

After we came back from CES, we told you about some health and fitness trackers that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

These devices make it easy to track your progress as you work your way towards a healthier you, but they come at a price.

If you don’t have the dough to spend on one of these devices, there’s an app for that, and it’s FREE. It’s the moves app.

Moves is effortless. Moves automatically records any walking, cycling and running you do. The app is always on, so there’s no need to start and stop it. Just keep your phone in your pocket or your bag.

Moves is an automatic diary of your life. Your daily storyline and maps show where, when and how much you move.

Moves is a free iPhone pedometer that helps you get fit by walking more. See how many steps you take and aim for a healthy exercise goal of 10,000 steps a day.

The only drawback, it runs in the background and uses battery power, so monitor your battery usage if you have a gazillion things running. Your mileage WILL vary.