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Stick N Find

Have you seen the remote control?

With DVR’s DVD’s Smart TV’s, Apple TV’s, our lives have been overrun with remotes. But lose just one of them, and the world comes to a grinding halt.

Same holds true for your car keys, your morning coffee cup, and the occasional kid at the park.

The people at Stick N Find have a solution that puts it all to an end. They’ve developed the stick n find Bluetooth sticker system. This quarter sized low power Bluetooth sticker attaches to anything you need to keep track of.

The smartphone app lets you turn on tracking if you lose it, you can even set boundaries, so if you have one on your kids backpack and they wander off, you’ll be alerted.

The app works like radar, letting you know as you close in on the target. It can even be set to alert you if something you’ve lost, comes back in range. Imagine that, you lost your keys at your friends house, and the next time you go there, the app wakes up and alerts you that you’re in range.

Stick N Find claims a years worth of battery life from each sticker before you need to replace the battery.