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Online Reputation

Are people talking about your business behind your back? What people say about your business matters, but how are you supposed to know?

Online reputation management is an important part of having a business in today’s tech driven world and one of the basics you need to understand.

Let’s start with the one you should all be using, Google Alerts. If you don’t have a Google account yet, you need to set one up, and then set up alerts.

Google allows you to set alerts so that anytime you are mentioned online, you’ll know about it. You simply put the name of your business in quotes in the alert you’re creating. So we set up an alert for “Data Doctors”.

Now, don’t fear bad reviews or negative comments. Knowing about an issue is half the battle, your online response and letting the community know you’re aware of the issue, goes a long way to resolving things.

The worst thing you can do is nothing. Not responding gives the appearance of not caring when in all reality, you had no idea people were talking about you.

What are the best things you and your company can do online?  Be real, be honest and be aware.

Google alerts is just the start, there are plenty of places and apps to help you monitor your online reputation. Want to learn more, ask us on Facebook?