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Bands In Town

A few weeks ago Ken introduced me to an app that literally changed the way I look for concert tickets.

Before you would follow your favorite bands website or Facebook page to see when they were going to be playing in town. Not anymore!

Check out A quick visit to the bands in town website lets you download the app, connect with Facebook and wait for your favorite bands to come to you.

No longer do you have to follow your favorite bands. When they book in your town, bands in town notifies you, lets you know similar artists, and you can not only RSVP for the show, you can buy your tickets.

With Bands In Town you’ll never miss a show again. But how does it know who I like? That’s the magical part.

The app pulls your music preferences from iTunes, Pandora, It scans for your most listened to, preferred, and liked music, and delivers a concert going experience based on that information.

Now you don’t have to go looking for a concert, the concert will come looking for you.