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Paying for free service

Why would you pay for something that everyone else gets for free?

When the internet was born, people had to pay for online services like Prodigy, CompuServe and of course AOL.

While most of them have gone under. The survivor, AOL has been keeping a dirty little secret that many of you are paying for… literally.

AOL, is still charging lots of you for a service that’s now free. Why? Because they’re not going to tell you to stop paying.

The service generates most of its money from paid users, but most of them don’t need it. So why are YOU still paying them?

If you know anyone still on AOL, ask them if they still pay for the service? If they say yes, tell them the Data Doctors tell them to stop paying.

When you go to turn off the payments, you’ll get a ton of warnings and pleas to stay on because it’ll impact your experience. No it won’t! It’ll impact your wallet.