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Let me Google that for you

How many times has this happened to you? A friend will ask you something they don’t know the answer to, but they figure you do. They think you’re their personal Google.

It’s frustrating when people are too lazy to Google something themselves. So now, instead of getting annoyed being their search engine, you can fight back, and give em a chuckle at the same time.

There’s a website L M G T F it’s the abbreviation of Let Me Google That For You.

Next time a friend asks you something lame, go to Let Me Google That For You and type in the question.

When you click the Google Search or I’m Feeling Lucky buttons, it generates a short code you can copy and paste into an email, a tweet or however you want to deliver it back to your friend.

Now when your friend gets the message and clicks the link, Let Me Google That For You Goes to work. It delivers the answer to the question and helps tech them how to Google things themselves.

Try it, have a laugh, and remember, if your friends are too dumb to Google. Let Me Google That For You!