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Free online home inventory

After a natural disaster people start to take inventory of their stuff, but what if you already had the inventory at your fingertips?

The best defense is a good offense. So instead of waiting for the next hurricane, flood or fire and hoping you know everything you have, there’s a website that can help you know your stuff.

It’s, and this free tool is supported by the Insurance Information Institute.

Once you create your free account, you can start making your home inventory.

You can add rooms and their contents, and it’s super easy. You can add photos of every item, cabinet, doll collection, sports memorabilia,you get it.

You can also add videos of everything in the room. That way you can easily see your home’s contents, and always keep it up to date.

With real time online updating, you’ll have what your insurance company needs in the event the unthinkable occurs.

Now, you’re thinking,”but wait, my computer was destroyed too”. Well, there’s an app for that.

Since the account is stored online at Know Your Stuff, the Know Your Stuff App, keeps everything in Sync.