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Learn languages with social

People in other countries speak multiple languages, so why don’t we? That’s because they’re hard to learn, and generally boring to study, until now!

While you can translate on the fly with many apps and websites, you don’t really learn anything.

There’s a website that makes learning a new language a social experience, because you can learn with your friends and challenge one another while learning.

The site is Duolingo, and it takes learning in a whole new direction. You can connect to Duolingo through your Facebook or Twitter accounts and it allows you to track connected friends language learning progress, while you build your skills.

With pictures, words, sentences and highly interactive learning system, you can finish lessons quickly, and move on to more advanced ones.

If you dedicate just a few minutes at a time, and work the lessons, you’ll soon be speaking, understanding and even writing in another language.

Eso sí que es una manera inteligente de aprender.