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Downloading YouTube videos

Les asked us on Facebook… What’s the best app out there to download or capture YouTube videos?

Well, the answer depends on what you want to do with it. Are you just playing it back on your computer or TV, do you want to put it on your tablet or smartphone to watch while you’re on the road?

Knowing this, helps determine the best apps to get the job done. There’s a free app called YouTube Video Downloader, it can do the trick in a pinch, but there’s a paid app that does everything you can think of.

The app is called Jaksta. J A K S T A, and it’s one of a handful of paid apps that we endorse.

Jaksta allows you to instantly grab any video or music from the web, and can convert it on the fly for nearly any device.

Unlike other captrue programs, It’s able to suck down the file in seconds, so you don’t have to listen to or watch the entire thing.

The moment Jaksta senses the file starting, it grabs it, and it’s in your library. Spanky built a 100 song playlist in 6 minutes, and he was ready to hit the road.

Jaksta is available for Windows or Mac, and is 100% legal to use. It’s for personal recording and playback, just like a DVR.