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Eco-friendly cases

If you have a smartphone or tablet, specifically iPhone or iPads, one of the nicest things about them is the slim, lightweight, and sleek designs.

Protecting these very pricey devices can be challenging, some cases seal the phone in a tomb of plastic, preventing the device from ever coming in contact with anything.

Others offer the appearance of protection, but all they really do is add bulk to the device.

We’ve finally found a case that offers both protection and style, while being eco-friendly at the same time.

Grove cases are made from bamboo, light weight, durable and eco-friendly wood.

Bamboo is a fast growing, easily replenished wood source. In the right conditions it can grow 2 inches per hour. Conservatively, a bamboo stalk can grow 24 inches per day. It takes some oak trees 120 years to hit maturity.

Now you know, why bamboo. So, why Grove cases? These are some of the first iPhone and iPad cases that offer protection without the bulk. Bamboo is a lightweight wood, and since it’s easily shaped and cut, it’s perfect for case design.

So if you’re looking for protection for your device, without the ugly, check out the Grove case at