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iPhone to Galaxy S III migration tips

I’m strongly considering a jump from my iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S III but concerned about getting all my stuff over. Is this an easy thing to do or is it going to be a nightmare?

– Glen

The smartphone battle has definitely heated up with the release of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III and I’m hearing this from more iPhone users than with any previous Android phone release.

The primary concerns for most users are the apps, music, contacts and photos; the more of these items you have, the more complex it can be.

If you don’t really have any apps or music that you care about, than the transition would be rather painless and quick using an app called Bump that is available for both platforms.

You simply install the app on both phones, select all your contacts (or just the ones you want to transfer) and then ‘bump’ the phones together to transfer them. It’s very easy to setup and transfer, so this won’t require any real technical skills to execute.

‘Bumping’ your photos takes a little more time because there is no ‘select all’ option, but think of it as an opportunity to get rid of those less desirable photos. One downside to this method is that Bump compresses the photos to transfer them, so if you want them in the original resolution, I’d use Picasa to import them (& any videos you shot) from the iPhone.