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7 most overlooked spring-cleaning areas hidden around your home

Calling all clean freaks!

This is the list you’ve been waiting for — the most overlooked places dirt, grime and build-up are hiding in your home. We’ve listed each here and provided a few suggestions on how to address while tackling your spring-cleaning chores.

1. Grunge Under the Fridge – There’s a ton of dust, dirt, grime and build-up sitting under and behind your fridge. Ask a friend to help you roll it out from the wall (being careful to unplug the electrical — and disconnecting any waterlines). Then once it’s removed, you can clean the entire floor underneath. Use a brush or vacuum hose to clean the coils of the unit as well. (While you’re at it you might want to completely empty and clean out the inside of fridge and freezer. You can use some of the make-at-home green cleaning solutions we recommended.)

2. Gunk in the Gutter – Your gutters, downspouts and scuppers can get clogged with leaves, dirt and debris a few times a year. Before our summer monsoons come, you’ll want to make sure to clear, and flush them well with a garden hose. Inspect all the pieces and elbows checking for any leaks or signs of rust.

3. Mildewed Machines – Our machines that do all the cleaning for us — clothes and dishwashers — don’t clean themselves! Check them for mildew or mold that may be building up. Many newer machines have a “self-cleaning” function, but you’ll still want to check the seals and internal areas wiping them down really well.

4. Filthy Toilet Flapper – We all clean the toilet regularly (or we certainly should!), but we tend to focus on the areas that can be seen. What about the unseen area inside the tank? If your toilet is leaking and always running, the flapper valve could be to blame. Clean off the build-up of grime on the underneath side to remedy. Also, while the lid to the tank is off, run your finger around the inside edge. If you’re finger comes back black, it’s likely that the flapper valve is deteriorating and should be changed.

5. Grimy Grout – Nothing can take away from the beauty of your tile floors and walls than dirty, grimy grout. If you don’t clean it well on a consistent basis, it can also cause the grout to deteriorate and could cause harm to the tile itself. Scrub away the grime with a mild household solvent using a soft, nylon brush (Note: Make sure the solvent won’t damage the tile first!). Once you get it all nice and clean, re-seal it with a professional grout sealer to help it remain clean longer.

6. Dirty Drains – All sorts of build-up can occur in your kitchen sink drains. Avoid the harsh drain cleaners and instead, flush a half-cup each of baking soda and vinegar. This is a quick and easy solution you should do regularly. You can also ask your plumber to recommend a drain cleaner that won’t harm your pipes (or your septic system, if you have one).

7. Hard-to-Reach Dusty Areas – Finally, don’t just dust… destroy the dust! Too many times when we’re cleaning around the house, we don’t take on the hard-to-reach dusty areas like: the tops of the ceiling-fan blades, tops of kitchen cabinet doors, tops of hanging pictures, or even under stereo equipment in the cabinet or on the shelves. Make it a mission to seek out all these places in your home and clean them up! This helps greatly reduce recirculating dust that occurs naturally over time.

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