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Want weed-free weekends? Pre-emergent is your best friend

One chore on my honey-do list that I really don’t like is picking weeds, especially when I could be spending that time taking in a spring training game, hiking, biking or any other outdoor activity this glorious time of year.

I know I’m not the only one that feels this way because we hear it from our listeners all the time! Each time we hear from them, we strongly recommend applying a pre-emergent in their yard.

Pre-emergent is a preventative weed killer that stops weeds from ever popping up. They come in both liquid and granular forms, though most you’ll find are the latter.

There are a number of products on the market. Some are made especially for attacking weeds in your grass without hurting your grass, while others are perfect for application in crushed granite, gravel and other desert landscaping materials.

One of Romey’s favorites is American-made Bonide Weed Beater Complete. It’s labeled to handle more than 200 types of weeds. This product can be found at your local nursery. They can help with quantity and application tips, and you’ll be supporting one of our great Arizona businesses.

Because of our wonderful weather every year, we recommend applying pre-emergent two times a year. The first time to apply is now — early spring (February/March) — and the second is late fall (think September/October). You’ll want to follow the mixture and application instructions on the packaging depending on the size yard you have and type of pre-emergent you purchase. We’ve found that it’s good to have the ground good and moist before applying (which is why this week’s rain is already helping us). Once applied, be sure to soak it in with more water for even better results.

With just a little investment of time this weekend, we’ll help you cross-off that honey-do item and stay weed-free each season! For more gardening and do-it-yourself tips, for your house, home, castle or cabin, visit every Arizona homeowner’s best friend: Rosie on the House. And be sure to tune in to KTAR every Saturday morning from 7-11 a.m. for the Rosie on the House broadcast!

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