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6 keys to tackling your man cave

Man caves have really grown in popularity over the past five years. With that, there have been best practices that have evolved through trial and error and callers to our Saturday morning show.

As you read through the following list of tips, remember the first tip is the most important and will ensure you’re enjoying your space to the max:

TIP 1: Make sure your Wife is OK with this decision

I realize this seems like a no-brainer on any major home improvement, but you have to make sure your wife is OK with the decision and what budget you’re both willing to agree and commit to for the completed project. Trust me, with so many gadgets and techno-accessories out there budget can creep up pretty quickly.

TIP 2: Decide on the core purpose of your man cave

Think through the situations when you’re most likely to use the man cave — and the number of people you’d have there at a time.

Is it for a weekly or monthly gathering of the boys? Is it for watching the big games on the weekends? Do you like to shoot some pool? Throw some darts? Or everything?

The activities make a big difference of how you approach the build out of the space. Which leads us to…

TIP 3: Maximize the use of the space

The activities you’re thinking of for your man cave will drive your layout and usage for the allocated space. Where are the available outlets for power? What size TV should you have? Size furniture? And think through the additional amenities your heart may desire…

TIP 4: Plan the theme of your man cave

You’ve decided the purpose. You’ve planned the space. Now let’s talk theme. Are you thinking football? College or NFL? Golf? Sports in general? Maybe it’s Harley Davidson or Ford Mustang themed?

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you can have a lot of fun bringing all the pieces together. To see some examples of man cave designs, here’s a little inspiration.

TIP 5: Prioritize your man cave’s amenities

Let’s face it, there’s any number of amenities you can equip your man cave with. From bars and beer fridges, to big screens and billiard tables — all of these should be weighed against your core purpose and space plan. Once you have your list of “want to haves” prioritize them over what you “can” have based on the other planning parameters and budget you’ve put in place.

TIP 6: Decide which, if any, of the build-out items require professional help

I know there’s a bunch of you out there who won’t shy away from any DIY project in your house and that’s fantastic. But be sure you’re honest with what you really can tackle and what you maybe shouldn’t.

Do you need plumbing work done for the bar sink? What about electrical in the ceiling for the fan? Those can be daunting for beginners — but never fear, at, we’ve got you covered with the most trusted contractors in Arizona who get things done right every time.

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