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Finishing Strong

QUESTION: Justin in Spartanburg has a year left in college, and he has no idea what he’s going to do with his life. He takes out $5,000 in student loans each semester, and he’s trying to craft a financial plan for his life. He can finish school without taking more loans if he cuts his lifestyle. He needs to know if Dave thinks that’s a good idea.

ANSWER: Don’t take money out in the first place. You say you can get a job and cut down your cost of living so you can get through the rest of school without borrowing, so that’s what I’d do. I’d cut down my lifestyle.

The goal here is education, not borrowing money to invest. Assuming your degree is usable and you use it, education is one of the best investments. If you get a degree that you don’t ever apply, then you need to work on that part of it. You need to start aiming at something from the career side. It will motivate you to finish and it will motivate you to do other things. You cannot borrow your way into prosperity. I wish we could send that message to Washington.

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