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Have a Baby

QUESTION: Christy in Missouri and her husband want to have a second child. They’re comfortable now, and they make about $85,000 a year. She wonders how much finances play into family size. Dave says it shouldn’t.

ANSWER: Finances don’t play into it. It’s not that expensive. You don’t have 17 children and make $5,000 a year. You’re not calling me up like that. You’ve not gone off the deep end somewhere. You’ve got one baby. You want two. You make $85,000 a year. Whoopee. Have a baby. Seriously.

Do you need to get your stinking finances straightened out? Do you need to sell a car that’s $600 a month in order to make this work? Yeah. Maybe. Maybe you’ve got to take some actions, but can you afford this based on your topline income? Yeah.

Here’s my deal: Babies are more important than anything else you could tell me was on your little financial list. Sell the stupid Tahoe.

You can make it with two kids in daycare on $85,000 even if you don’t get a raise. You guys need a budget. You need to be on a written plan where every dollar has a name and you get in control.

I don’t tell people to not have babies—from my perspective, anyway (like I get to decide these things—I think that’s God’s decision)—but I don’t do that unless you’re in an extreme situation, and then common sense would tell you that. But you’re in great shape. Have a baby.

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