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The Weekly DownLloyd Episode 6: Thanksgiving edition

As the producer of Mac & Gaydos this is my own unique, weird, wacky and, at times, warped look at the week’s seven biggest stories.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Cyber Monday. We all know about Black Friday and Thanksgiving falling on Thursday, but since when is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving deemed “Pizza Wednesday?” When I think about what I want to eat before Thanksgiving I just want a regular meal. Why is the go to always pizza? And who knew Halloween was a big pizza day too?

One thing I do love about this time of year is pie! What gives though, peanut butter pie didn’t even crack the list? This deeply hurt my feelings. At least cobbler, pumpkin and pecan pie were all there.

I think it’s about time we ditched the tradition of pardoning a turkey. President Obama has kicked things up a notch from where they started back in 1989 under President George H.W. Bush. Now people get to vote which turkey they believe should be pardoned. Even though people voted for Popcorn the turkey to be pardoned this year over Carmel the turkey, both were pardoned anyways! And the birds speak too!

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