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The Weekly DownLloyd: Episode 3 – Friends or enemies

As the producer of Mac & Gaydos this is my own unique, weird, wacky and, at times, warped look at the week’s seven biggest stories.

I delve into the Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito saga. News came out that, according to at least one player on the team, the two were “best friends.” Initially, I felt bad for Jonathan Martin. This case, while maybe not bullying, certainly seemed like hazing. But if he was really buddies with Incognito and this whole thing’s been blown out of proportion then I don’t feel bad for him at all. Either way I don’t think Martin or Incognito will be members of the Dolphins after this season.

What the heck is with the bacon craze? It’s officially gone too far with the latest bacon scented product that’s hit the market. Gross!

I’ve personally never fallen asleep at work, but apparently a lot of you have. How the heck can you zonk out at work? Wouldn’t you get fired? If you’ve actually done this and not gotten canned, hit me up on Twitter @LloydBanksPapow and tell me how you pulled it off.

And, do you really need to agree on all of these things before getting married?

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