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The Weekly DownLloyd: Episode 1 – Students killing teachers, Kimye, Halloween candy and more

You heard Mac and Gaydos do the Daily Download all week, now it’s your chance to check out the Weekly DownLloyd!

As the producer of Mac & Gaydos this is my own unique, weird, wacky and, at times, warped look at the week’s seven biggest stories. For episode one, I turned to Mac & Gaydos Chief Jingle Player (Technical Director), Jonathan Chapman to co-host.

So what did I deem to be the biggest stories of the week?

Two tragic stories involving students killing their teachers…but don’t freak out, these are VERY isolated incidents. Find out just how rare this kind of violence is by clicking the play button and launching the DownLloyd.

Of course, the Kimye engagement, there’s no better use for a Major League Baseball park.

The worst Halloween candy out there. What gives though, it’s Halloween season, just assume all candy is bad, enjoy it and brush your teeth better after Halloween. And what the heck is Charleston Chew?

A big survey that caught most American’s eyes. Find out why.

There’s lots more too. It’s the week’s seven biggest stories! The Weekly DownLloyd, I hope you enjoy.