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Did we really need to see backyard of accused Ohio kidnapper?

I was up late last night looking for show topics for Tuesday’s Mac and Gaydos show when I stumbled onto a link from CNN titled Photographs give a glimpse of Ariel Castro’s yard.

When I clicked the link I’d hoped there’d be some insight into why the accused kidnapper, Ariel Castro, had committed these vile acts, maybe some evidence or something along those lines. Instead I was just disappointed … with myself.

Turns out Castro’s backyard was just littered with junk more or less, and I clicked on to another article about something else, but I was left with a dirty feeling.

I guess I could be upset with CNN, the piece didn’t have much news value, if any. But hey, they knew some photos of this creep’s backyard would net them page views galore, so I can’t really say I blame them.

I’ve always been curious about things my whole life. I love to ask questions, get to know people and figure out what makes them tick. Did I think I could learn insight into Castro’s life by clicking on the link? Maybe.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this was a huge story. It’s not every day you see four females rescued from a kidnapper’s house who’ve been held captive for 10-plus years.

But is it just me or do things get taken too far? Are photos from a neighbor who hopped Castro’s fence and snapped a few quick shots necessary? What’s Jodi Arias going to be eating in jail? How do the jurors sit in the courtroom? Ariel Castro’s making Kool-Aid in his jail cell. It’s ridiculous.

Does anyone really care about any of that stuff? I guess someone must or the stories wouldn’t be getting made.

If I want fluff I’ll turn to reality TV, or a sitcom, not the courtroom or a Cleveland house of horror.