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Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson split was faked

First, an admission: I’ve never watched one second of the Twilight series, nor read any of the books, nor do I ever plan to watch or read any part of the series.

So why do I find myself suddenly caring about these Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson cheating shenanigans? Well, there’s drama, and not of the teenage variety, the “I’ve got a thing for vampires variety.”

Every day there’s a new “source” claiming x,y or z about Stewart or Pattinson slowly starting to open up with what it feels like to be cheated on.

I guess what draws me to the story the most is I’ve got a theory, that, from the minute I heard about it, I just had a gut feeling the whole thing is made up, manufactured. That’s right, made up.

How do these stories get out in the first place? “Sources.” There always seems to be a friend, Hollywood insider, friend of a friend, paparrazi, someone who says or knows something. If this really happened, Stewart, Pattinson and Director Rupert Sanders would’ve been the only three involved.

Yes, I know they’ve got publicists, managers, friends, etc. who all know various details about their lives, but I just don’t understand why they’d run to the press with a story about Pattinson being cheated on by Stewart with Sanders. Who benefits from that story? How does anything positive come of it? Do you really need money that badly if you’re lined with any of these three?

Now we’re at the point where the latest stories from “sources” say Stewart’s “distraught” and on the verge of a complete breakdown.

Really? Do you buy that? She allegedly cheated on Pattinson and is on the verge of a breakdown? Over what? That the other guy in the supposed affair is taking less of the blame than she is? Hmmm…that just doesn’t seem believable to me.

This all seems like it’s leading up to the most “unlikely” of unlikely reunions leading up to the release of something called The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which is set to be released in mid-November of this year.

Keeping two of the key actors from the movie in the spotlight for months leading up to it is easy cheap publicity. In the end, it will be no harm, no foul, their fans will have a movie to enjoy and Pattinson will take Stewart back.

If I’m right, I won’t even be mad because it’ll be a well-orchestrated story, unlike the teen series. I still won’t show up to check it out though.