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I just don’t buy today’s ‘news’

Sometimes I just shake my head at the news.

It might be pop-culture, might be a health story or it could be something from politics.

Over the last few days, all of these stories have left me scratching my head for one reason or another.

Eggs, they’re bad for us, again, at least according to this article. Now, I’m no genius, but really as bad as smoking cigarettes? And what about this article from only six years ago about the benefits of eggs?

Then I heard a few sound bytes saying they’re okay for you, as long as you limit your intake to one egg per day. The first report that says they’re bad for us says no more than four a week. Personally, I feel like if you don’t eat an omelette a day, you’re going to be okay. Just don’t eat them in excess and you’ll be fine.

Then there’s these comments from Megadeth front-man Dave Mustaine, claiming President Obama wants to pass a gun-ban so he’s staging murders.

Like or hate President Obama, he’s not trying to pass any gun ban. Deal with it. I don’t even see the logic in Mustaine making these comments. He was in Singapore, so I get trying to rile up the crowd, but is making the gun argument the best way to go there? In the U.S., the rate of private gun ownership is roughly 89 firearms per 100 people. In Singapore it’s 0.5 firearms per 100 people. Seems to me like Singapore isn’t nearly as gun friendly as the U.S.

Then there’s this situation where people are advocating President Obama dump V.P. Joe Biden in favor of Hilary Clinton.

A few reasons I don’t see this happening:

1. There’s only three weeks left for Obama to do this and we haven’t see any indication he will. Joe Biden was a gaffe machine before he became vice president and he always will be, but Obama knew that before he selected him in ’08.

2. The people calling for Obama to make the switch are primarily Republicans. Sarah Palin, Senator John McCain and the rest of them can all say it’d be wise for a switch to be made, but I’m willing to wager if a switch was in fact made they’d also be among the first to say Obama appeared desperate by making such a move. It’s just politics of the worst kind.

How about debating some serious issues, the economy, energy independence, the economy, healthcare, and oh yeah, the economy too?