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George Takei rips Arizona over SB 1062

The hits just keep on coming for Arizona over Senate Bill 1062, which would basically give businesses the right to turn people away because something about them didn’t agree with their religious beliefs.

The bill is being destroyed on all fronts, from three senators who actually voted for the bill to businesses and even our own Karie Dozer.

And according to the Huffington Post, gay rights advocate and actor George Takei has written a scathing blog about the controversial bill.

Dear Arizona, Congratulations. You are now the first state actually to pass a bill permitting businesses — even those open to the public — to refuse to provide service to LGBT people based on an individual’s “sincerely held religious belief.” This “turn away the gay” bill enshrines discrimination into the law. Your taxi drivers can refuse to carry us. Your hotels can refuse to house us. And your restaurants can refuse to serve us… When I was younger, people used “God’s Will” as a reason to keep the races separate, too.

Make no mistake, this is the new segregation, yours is a Jim Crow law, and you are about to make yourself ground zero.

Takei is not one to pull punches and it’s no question that more will come before Gov. Jan Brewer decides what she wants to do with the bill.