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IRS scandal reveals flaws in two-party system

The IRS scandal took center stage Wednesday as President Barack Obama spoke to the American people.

He said it was “inexcusable” and the “IRS has to operate with absolute integrity.”

Very true statements, but what really makes this scandal truly disturbing is that the IRS must act without partisanship. All the three-letter tentacles of our government, (i.e., CIA, FBI, DOJ, EPA, IRS) have to operate ABOVE partisan politics.

The IRS affects about 99 percent of the American populations in one form or another. When a scandal like this bubbles out of the muck and mire of D.C., it doesn’t matter whether you’re Republican or Democrat, it should make you furious.

If we can’t trust the IRS to be above partisanship, why should anyone be for a two-party system?