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Republican National Convention is a FAIL

As the ill-timed weather phenomenon named Hurricane Isaac blew through Florida and began tracking into Louisiana, the GOP convention has started, albeit a day late.

But don’t think for one minute the storm is over and it’s all blue skies and sunshine.

Sure, Isaac may be well into the gulf, past Tampa, but the storm still rages in the middle of the Republican Convention. If the GOP isn’t careful, this will be the biggest failure of a convention in a long time, maybe since Bob Dole was nominated to run against the formidable Bill Clinton in 1996.

For nearly a month, the Republicans have been distracted, allowing faux scandals and muttering things on the campaign trail that have been counterintuitive and, more importantly, counterproductive if Mitt Romney wants to be elected president.

Instead of going after the president on his failed domestic policies, talking about the middle class suffering through the worst recovery since World War II or the announcement from the Congressional Budget Office that President Obama is racking up more than a trillion dollar deficit this year, the GOP has been sidetracked, not by the left, but by themselves.

Discussion of Paul Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, who is African-American, or what Missouri Rep. Akin meant by the term “legitimate rape” have been the major talking points leading up the convention.

The GOP cannot seem to pull together, having one goal in mind. Instead, they’ve degenerated into an internecine sideshow, a spectacle that the Democrats are taking full advantage of by stoking the political turmoil and not defending themselves on bad policy making, irresponsible decisions and a lack of leadership to get the American people out of this collective, perpetual mess.

The past week has caused more Republicans to hunker down and battle attacks from their own. As one person put it, “Republicans face a frightening demographic future and a party civil war.”

I had high hopes for the GOP convention, but not anymore. If Mitt Romney doesn’t stick to talking about the economy, making the American people aware of his leadership as governor and business executive, then all Barack Obama has to do is sit back, relax and watch the GOP self-destruct as he becomes a second-term president without having to lift a finger.