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Maryland AG Gansler should be honest about house party

Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler is running for governor in that state.

According to polls, he’s in second for the Democratic Party’s nomination in next year’s race. He’s about to slip even further.

In June, Gansler was photographed at beach house in Delaware where a group of teenagers were having a party. That group included his son and also included red Solo cups. I think most of us know by now teenage kids don’t put Kool-Aid in those cups. Either way, Gansler said he showed up at the party only to have a conversation with his son.

The pictures seem to tell a different story. One shows Gansler with his phone extended as two teenage boys dance with a young lady. He was recently asked if he was taking a picture in that moment. He said no, he was probably reading a text message.

Yeah. It looks like that’s exactly what he was doing (note the sarcasm). Another photo shows him directly looking at one of the same boys as the girls grinds up on him in a way that would make rapper Juvenile proud.

Gansler is now in damage control because of those photos. He’s also taking heat because he didn’t do anything to stop the party. As Attorney General, Gansler has spoken out against the dangers of underage drinking. In a press conference, he said he had no authority in Delaware to stop the party and only has a moral responsibility for his son. That seems like such an odd thing to say in his position as Maryland Attorney General, an officer where he often exercises moral authority over others.

It also seems strange given the fact that several parents, Gansler included, rented the Delaware beach house for their kids as a graduation present. The parents did lay down some ground rules while the teens were staying there: No driving. No girls behind closed doors and no hard booze. Notice the rules said nothing about not having beer. There were even two parents acting as chaperones for the entire week.

Look, there’s a good argument to be made about having kids party in a contained environment so they don’t have to drive anywhere. Many teenagers are going to party anyways and figure out how to get alcohol. If that’s the case, Gansler should just cut to the chase and be honest. He should also admit that he liked what he saw at the party.

But he is a politician, after all. Most of them seem allergic to telling the truth.