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Stars lip-syncing, what’s she wearing? It’s not important

What do we really care about?

I’ll admit to growing weary of politicians and government procedure. But I still pay attention to what they say and what they do. I do it because I care. It’s exactly how and why I ended up working at KTAR.

I know many of you care. But I know plenty of you don’t. That’s frustrating.

I imagine the reasons vary. Politics is boring. It’s hard to follow. Politicians are just blowhards. I understand. But here’s what I have difficulty wrapping my head around: why Beyonce lip-syncing the national anthem has become a bigger story than President Obama’s second inaugural address.

The Beyonce story just won’t die. The news is acting as if this is some sort of scandal. It’s not. And it’s not important.

Neither is the first lady’s belt, yet it’s already sold out. So are Sasha and Malia’s coats. Perhaps this is the reason nothing changes in Washington. America seems too worried about lip-syncing instead of wondering why the Treasury Department has to borrow money to stay current on bills.

Of course, the politicians wouldn’t have it any other way. A less engaged electorate allows them to continue their back-room deals, continue spending more of your money and raising the debt.

They’ve done this for years without serious consequences. Instead, they are rewarded with re-election after re-election. Nothing will change until the rewards cease.

Until that day comes, I’ll guess I’ll just wait to see which fashion trend Michelle Obama starts next.