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Final Word: The time is coming to make up your mind and vote

With less than four weeks to go before Arizona’s primary election, a Rocky Mountain poll found about 50 percent of Republicans are undecided about who to vote for.

Sound like a lot? I agree. But the number could be a little misleading. Let’s look at why.

Let’s say your phone rings and the pollster on the other end asks you if you have made up your mind. Perhaps you have a gut feeling about who to vote for but you don’t want to tip your hand. Or you want it to look as if you are still giving thought to the decision. To make yourself APPEAR thoughtful, you defer, and say you are UNDECIDED.

Maybe you are incredibly politically engaged, and you have been watching the ads with interest and even following coverage of the debates. You KNOW that jobs and education are the two biggest issues we face, yet all you keep hearing about is immigration. You don’t have enough information to make your decision, but you haven’t given up hope. You’re UNDECIDED.

Maybe you are the exact OPPOSITE of that engaged voter. Maybe you truly don’t care that we are less than four weeks away from the GOP primary. Your only thought is how can you squeeze another weekend at the beach in before the kids have to go back to school. Primary? Who’s running? You are UNDECIDED.

Maybe you are so sick and tired of the mudslinging that you can’t WAIT for the whole thing to be over. You know that once you get into the voting booth you will decide, but you don’t even want to THINK about choosing one of those candidates. Don’t even ASK you. You’re UNDECIDED.

Well, the good news is you have a little less than four weeks left. The bad news is, early ballots go out Thursday, and if you like to get stuff done through the mail, you will have to get going.

Oh, more bad news: Save a few more endorsements for the frontrunners, you’re not likely to get much more real information to decide with. Take the ads with a grain of salt, pick your issues, and do your homework.

But most importantly, vote.