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Final Word: Tour de France selfies are just plain stupid

Not long ago, the American Psychiatric Association classified taking selfies as a mental disorder. They even came up with a name, “Selfitis.”

Sounds about right.

As it turns out though, taking selfies could be dangerous, at least when you do it at the Tour de France.

The famed 21-day bicycle race is underway, and during some of the early stages, riders have had to dodge spectators who were standing in the road with their backs to the race.

They were trying to take Tour selfies!

Can you imagine, jumping in the way of hundreds of cyclists barreling down a two-lane road in Yorkshire, just to try to get that perfect close-up of yourself?

I can’t. I’ve taken a few selfies, I admit it, but they were of myself and my son, when there was no one else around to take a picture. I’m certainly not jumping in the middle of the road to get one.

Psychologists are reporting growing numbers of selfie-taking patients who suffer from narcissism, body dysmorphia, and dramatically low self-esteem.

Soon, they could be suffering some broken bones as well. And they won’t be the only ones!

Seriously, it’s easy enough for those riders to fall without the selfie takers in the road. Several riders have swiped at the spectators as they passed, and American rider Teejay van Garderen called the craze “a dangerous mix of vanity and stupidity.”

I’m just calling it crazy.

Hey, selfie taker, you’re NOT IN the Tour de France.
Turn the cellphone around and get out of the road!