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Final Word: Donald Sterling’s tale is sadly entertaining

The Donald Sterling interview is flat out entertaining.

It’s an overly long, rambling interview with a pathetic old man who has been surrounding himself with fans substituting as friends for too long.

In an effort to persuade, or perhaps shame, other NBA owners into allowing Sterling to keep ownership of his Los Angeles Clippers, he agreed to a one-on-one interview with Anderson Cooper.

His goal? Convince America, and by default the owners who hold his fate in their hands, that he is not a racist.

Never mind that an interview like that is like a murder trial where the prosecution has an HD videotape of the killing.

Sterling is such a big fan of his own program that he actually thinks he can get away with such a feat. It’s really not surprising.

With a net worth just south of $2 billion, Mr. Sterling can afford the finest of anything but there’s only so much good food, good wine and good real estate to enjoy.
Without people in your life, all the material goods in the world are pretty worthless.

If you have as much as Donald Sterling, you need to be a little more selective about who you hang out with. You’ll probably find way too many people who are willing to go along with anything you propose. If you’re not too careful, you’ll wind up surrounding your self ONLY with people who will agree with you and never challenge you. After a while, your craziness will start to sound very reasonable to you.

I think that’s what happened to Donald Sterling.

His wife obviously can’t stand to be with him. She filed for divorce 20 years ago, but hasn’t quite found the time to sign on the dotted line. Do I need to tell you why?

It’s sad, really, that someone can get to the point of being as crazy as Sterling, and yet have no idea how far off the rails he is.