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Final Word: Twitter is not the place to shop

This might seem like a bit of random advice, and it might only apply to the women who are reading.

It’s Valentine’s Day week, maybe you are looking for gift, so here’s a little advice: May I advise you NOT buy a dress on Twitter? Don’t buy anything on Twitter, for that matter.

Let Twitter be your guide on all things news, if you must. Use it for pictures or gossip or whatever, but don’t buy anything.

I started following a favorite dressmaker on Twitter. I figured it was like getting InStyle magazine, but a little bit everyday. I get the pictures, news from Fashion Week, a bunch of fun stuff and then, I got the tweet with the newest dress — limited edition — and can ship immediately.


I fell for it — having never tried it on, of course — and with one click, it was on its way. When it arrived, I wondered aloud, “What is wrong with me?”

I bought a dress on Twitter. It wasn’t even on sale and now I have to return it. So down to the UPS store I go, smug little prepaid label in hand.

The trick is, the receipt said the seller has to receive the dress returned to its warehouse within 18 days of reciept, or I get charged a 20 percent restocking fee and,
with the storms back east, shipping was delayed both on its way to my house, and certainly on the way back.

So I ask the UPS store when this little prepaid label and package will arrive at the warehouse. At least eight days was the reply.

Well, great.

I can’t possibly expect it to get back in time to avoid the re-stocking fee. So how much to guarantee the thing gets there in time? $40, which is more than the re-stocking fee.

Ah, Twitter. The place NOT to buy things.