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Final Word: The Thursday before Christmas

I know, it’s not a holiday, but it deserves mentioning that it’s the last Thursday before Christmas, which happens next Wednesday, whether you’re ready or not.

So for all you moms and dads out there, take a deep breath.

Maybe your daughter wants pink furry Uggs and you can only find blue.

Maybe the Doc McStuffins you ordered is suddenly unavailable.

Maybe your credit card information was stolen at Target and you have unwittingly bought Christmas presents for a small town in Montana.


You will get it done and everything will be fine.

So, as you go through your list of a million things to pick up, wrap, buy, and bake, on your way to the kids’ Christmas program at school or neighborhood party, remember that just about everyone is in pretty much in the same boat.

Practice small acts of kindness.

I thought of this on my way to work, late, as usual, with a couple big things undone, and everything else halfway there.

I was at the traffic light, tapping the wheel and waiting for the light to change. I knew I hadn’t spent enough time getting “cute” for work so I took a chance and peeked out from under my glasses at the rear-view mirror to see what makeup I had forgotten.

I must have cringed at what I saw.

As I was wondering what possessed me to think I could leave the house looking so bad, I glanced to my right.
The guy next to me had the biggest smile on his face, and though both of our windows were rolled up, he said to me, plain as day, “You look GREAT.”

Made my day.

Thanks, nice guy.