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Final Word: Fame isn’t an excuse for stalking someone

I know, it’s not the biggest story of the day, but Alec Baldwin’s stalker has been found guilty and will go to jail for six months.

This is an extreme case of celebrity stalking, and for most people, it means nothing.

Most of us aren’t famous and wont ever have someone follow us and seek contact with us every day. We don’t have photographers jumping out from behind cars on the street and bushes in the park to take a picture of us and our kids.

Thank God. Can you imagine living like that?

I support the legislation Hollywood actresses have recently testified about concerning the paparazzi. They say they and their kids need better protection and I agree.

And for those of you who think that because they make their living by being famous, I ask you, “Why should their kids have to pay the price?”

You might love Alec Baldwin’s work. You may hate it.You may find him intelligent and entertaining. You may think he is a total bore. But he doesn’t deserve to be stalked at his gym, his kids school and his home.

The sad part is, putting this woman away won’t fix what’s wrong with her. She is delusional and craves fame. And she seems to think its okay to harass a celebrity to get there.

Who knows if she ever had a romantic relationship with Baldwin? I don’t care if she did. He clearly doesn’t want one now, and if you’re the stalker, you can’t change that.

Hiding in his doorways probably isn’t your best bet either.