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Final Word: I’m giving up on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Oh, Rob Ford.

I had some hope for the mayor of Toronto. After last week’s total debacle of the crack smoking video and the video where he appears to threaten to kill someone, you had to think that Rob Ford called some trusted advisers and friends to his side to ask some advice.

I figured maybe he would announce he was going to rehab (and on a diet) and he needed to work through some personal problems. Americans are pretty forgiving people. Canadians have to me more so, right?

Well, after Wednesday’s appearance at a Toronto City Council meeting, it appears that Mayor Ford might not have any friends.

Wednesday morning, in what amounted to a public intervention, the entire city council addressed the mayor at a public meeting asked about his drug use. Ford sounded downright pleased when he told the council he wouldn’t talk to police on the advice of his attorney. Those are the same police he employs, by the way, as the mayor of Toronto.

He added that he still thinks he’s a role model for at risk youth, too, and Ford admitted to having purchased illegal drugs in the last two years.

One councilman appeared to try to “open the door” for Ford to take some time off and go to rehab to maybe keep his job. This generous councilman carefully worded his question like this:

“Mayor Ford. Is it possible that the stress of this high-profile job simply became too much for you to handle and you turned to alcohol and drugs to deal with it?”

What a great answer. And it was Ford’s for the taking. Instead he said the drug use was due to his own stupidity.

Your honor, no more questions. I rest my case.