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Final Word: No surprise, tide turning against bullied Dolphins player

I got talking at the gym Thursday morning about the Miami Dolphins situation between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.

By now you have heard that Martin has left the team because of threats and bullying by fellow lineman Incognito. As it turns out, Incognito may have been encouraged by the coaching staff and front office to harrass Martin to, in their minds, “toughen him up.”

OK, I get it. These guys aren’t supposed to show any emotion, much less leave the team to seek mental help for distress.

The guy at the gym said that guys like Martin don’t belong in the NFL. He thought Martin should have hit Incognito to let him know enough was enough.

I said, really? No matter how he hits on the field, he’s got to prove himself in the locker room, to his own teammates?

Look, everyone knows it’s not the TYPICAL pro football player who cries at sad movies, but picking on Martin isn’t going to make him any different. Not at 24 years old. Not with four years of college ball behind him.
The dude went to Stanford, he knows a few things.

A report said that Miami’s general manager told Martin’s agent that Martin should settle it with a punch.
Really? That’s from your general manager? Nice management.

I don’t think you can blame him for not wanting to fight it out. He’s not around to blame anyway, as he has taken a leave of absence. Incognito has been suspended.

Can’t we just let guys like Martin be who they are? There’s no indication his softer side ever showed up on the playing field.