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Final Word: ‘I take it back’ doesn’t fix damage done

Two stories in the news today don’t SEEM similar on the surface, but once you think about them together, you realize how alike they are.

One involves local Golf Channel Analyst Brandel Chamblee. He has gotten some attention this year for bagging on Tiger Woods. He has criticized Tiger’s game, broken down his swing, and most recently, took to to pretty much call Tiger a cheater.

Chamblee did so by relating a story about himself in the fourth grade. He cheated on a test, and a teacher called him out for it by giving him 100 percent as a technical grade, but underlining it with an “F” for cheating. He compared that to Tiger’s golf game this year and said it was more fun to talk about Tiger’s game before he got “a little cavalier with the rules.”

After Woods’ agent said he was considering legal action, Chamblee took to Twitter to say he was not proud of his comments and wanted to apologize for Tiger for the article.

Damage done to Tiger, credit given to Chamblee for the apology.

In a completely unrelated (but similar) story in Virgina, conservative Ken Cuccinelli is running against Democrat Terry McCauliffe.

Cuccinelli supports Virginia’s anti-sodomy law, so the Democrats decided to poke a little fun at him with signs that say “Get your head in the game” and “Don’t let Election Day go down without you.”

Clever, right? They got attention anyway.

The Democrats have apologized and pulled the signs, but again, the point has been made.

The Republicans called it tasteless but it looks like the Democrats won this one, all while apologizing.

Why? Because, while you CAN take something back in sports, journalism or politics, it’s no different than when you’re a little kid and you slug your brother.

You can take it back, but the damage is already done.