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Final Word: Melissa McCarthy is fine with Elle cover, why aren’t we?

I love the response to the Melissa McCarthy controversy!

In a recent issue of Elle magazine, an article featured five “fearless women” of Hollywood and labeled them rising stars.

Among the chosen were Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon and McCarthy, star of “Bridesmaids” and “Mike and Molly.”

All the others in the shoot were wearing little to nothing in terms of clothing. McCarthy, who is heavyset, was wearing a large, navy blue coat.

Critics wondered why the heavier girl was in a coat, while the others showed a lot of skin. Did the editors of the magazine put her in it so she looked better? Did they have pictures of her wearing less that they didn’t like because they weren’t attractive enough?

We know the answer: last week her publicists said McCarthy picked the coat and McCarthy confirmed this week SHE chose to wear the coat. The issue was scheduled to come out in November and she said she was “sick of summer” and wanted to wear some cashmere.

Case closed? I hope so.

I saw the article, before I read the critics comments, and it never occurred to me that she was overdressed.
But there will always be those who don’t believe it and think there was a huge no pun intended) conspiracy involved.

It’s a pretty picture of a very talented actress, who, as far as the world can tell, has no issues about her weight.

Let’s not have issues FOR her.