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Know what’s scary? Sexy Halloween outfits on teen girls

Got your kid’s Halloween outfit figured out yet?

Careful if you have a teenage daughter. You KNOW Miley Cyrus will be all over the streets this year, wearing a bra top and boy shorts and teddy bear pony tails, trick-or-treat bag in one hand, foam finger in the other.

Don’t believe it?

I talked to a young woman at the gym who said the now 14-year-old that she used to babysit for has gotten her Miley costume in the mail already.

Her mom didn’t care and her dad still thinks that Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana.

Boy, is he in for a surprise.

If we can’t get Americans to quit dressing up as sexy pirates or maids or whatever for Halloween, at least we can still police our teenagers, can’t we?

We’ve all seen the sexy witch, or maid, or cop, but it seems like a lot of people, (OK, mostly women) will stop at nothing to dress sexy for halloween. Here are some of the weirder ideas available online.

Have you considered the possibility of a sexy female Hulk Hogan?

Got toddlers in the house? How about a sexy Barney?

There’s even a sexy slice of pizza and a sexy ear of corn.


Mom, dad: do a little homework and when your teenager says she wants to be Katy Perry or a sexy witch, put your foot down. If they’re old enough to want to be something sexy for Halloween, they’re too old for Halloween.

Suddenly that stupid hobo costume is looking better and better.