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Final Word: Let Adrian Peterson deal with grief his own way

You’ve probably heard about Adrian Peterson this week.
The Minnesota Vikings’ star running back he played in a game Sunday despite the fact that his 2-year old son was killed two days before at the hands of the man dating the little boy’s mother.

It’s an awful story.

Peterson chose to play, saying it was something he wanted to do to try to help put the events of the week behind him.

And it’s really no one’s decision but his.

Why then, are so many questioning his decision?

Are these the same fans who did the “wave” while Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell was lying immobile on the field in San Francisco?

Or the same fans who booed Houston quarterback Matt Schaub when he was injured Sunday during a HOME game? Or worse yet, who followed him home from a game last weekend to harass him?

You know what?

I know I can’t keep you from judging Adrian Peterson.
But you don’t KNOW Adrian Peterson and you can’t put yourself in his shoes any more than he can put himself in yours.

But if you’re THAT fan, the one who thinks it’s OK to boo the guy who’s down, it’s time to ask yourself why you’re at the game.

It’s not for the sport, that’s for sure.