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Final Word: Obamacare website is an embarrassment

The federal government announced Wednesday that you have to choose your Obamacare health insurance exchange by Valentine’s Day or you will face penalties. The Feb. 14 deadline is six weeks earlier than the previous deadline of March 31. The government says more time is needed to process all the applications.

Now, the White House won’t comment on how many people have signed up for an exchange, but news outlets across the country have not yet been able to find a single person who has been able to sign up successfully.

The situation is so bad “The Washington Post” depicted anyone who signs up without a hitch as a “unicorn.”

The problem is not that so many people have gone to the website, but rather that it is so poorly designed.

CBS News interviewed a web designer Wednesday morning who said the site is so bad, he would be embarrassed to present it to his co-workers.

He said that as it stands, the site isn’t even ready for beta-testing, which is the first time a product is tested to an outside user and happens before the product is commercially produced.

Isn’t the U.S. the country that created the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg?

You would think we could find someone good enough to design a website for Obamacare consumers, if we are going to require Americans to use it.

Even if it took a few tries to get it right, at least we could make sure the final product worked.

The expert said the site doesn’t even look like it was tested.

That’s embarrassing.